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Wildlife Seed
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Welcome to Specialty Seed 

Experience even more enjoyment and benefit from your land and outdoor experiences by enhancing wildlife populations and habitat through better nutrition. Specialty Seed, Inc. provides the highest quality, most effective wildlife food-plot seeds and nutritional products on the market. These mixes of seeds will attract, keep, and produce superior game animals on your property. Each seed mix has been created to fill a specific niche in the nutritional needs of deer, ducks, turkeys or upland game birds throughout different times of year and for specific climates. 

About Specialty Seed

Specialty Seed Company Inc. is a new seed company founded by Roger Jones in 2004.  We specialize in wildlife seed used for wildlife food plots for resident wildlife, doves and ducks.

Specialty Seed is located in the MS Delta but serves every state in the southeast.

Specialty Seed Company is the only producer of Chiwapa Japanese millet in the nation.

Chiwapa is a full season, 120 day variety of Japanese millet that produces a high yielding seed head. The high yield and low decomposition rate in saturated conditions will provide higher duck use days than other waterfowl plantings.  There is a limited supply of Chiwapa Japanese millet for this year, so call early to reserve your supply.

Specialty Seed works closely with the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and Mississippi State University (MSU) in the production of its wildlife seed.  Specialty Seed also carries browntop and Japanese millet (60 day varieties) for your quail, dove and duck food plots. 

Specialty Seed Company carries a full line of wildlife seed, but the most poplar deer planting is a mix recommended by the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries, and Parks (MDWFP).  The mix, Mississippi Blend, is composed of wheat, oats, crimson clover and arrowleaf clover.  It is an economical planting that will mature over a nine month period helping your deer and turkeys meet their nutritional requirements. 

The MDWFP planted Mississippi Blend on all its Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) this past fall. Specialty Seed will soon begin providing feed corn for your deer and turkey needs.  Delivery is available for all orders.

Specialty Seed Company’s knowledgeable staff can prepare your food plots to meet the year-around dietary requirements for your target wildlife species including: site prep, soil testing, fertilizer application to meet nutrient requirements, and planting. Planting decisions are based on landowner goals and objectives, incorporating recommendations of MSU Cooperative Extension Service and a wildlife biologist.

Spring/Summer Prices

Item Price per 50 lb Bag Bulk Price*
Chiwapa Japanese Millet  $75.00 $50.00 
Japanese Millet  $26.00 $24.00
Browntop Millet  $22.00 $22.00
Barnyard Grass   $6.00/lb - 20 lb minimum  
Browntop Millet – Feed Grade  $10.00 $10.00
White Proso Millet  $14.75 $14.75 
Hybrid Pearl Millet  $28.50 $28.00 
Sunflowers (Perodovic)  $31.00 $30.00 
WGF Sorghum  $25.00 $24.00 
Egyptian Wheat    
Sorghum Sudan Grass  $24.50 $24.00 


Forage Maxx "Monarch"                            Roundup Ready  Sold Out  
Forage Maxx "Larado"                               Conventional  Call for Availability  
Forage Maxx "Derry"                                 Conventional    $35.00  
Large Lad
Roundup Ready
 $66.00 $63.00
Big Fellow                                                Roundup Ready  $66.00 $63.00
Game Keeper Mix  Sold Out Sold Out 
Wildlife Manager's Mix  Sold Out Sold Out 
Iron – Clay Cowpeas  $33.00 $32.00 
Alyce Clover  $85.00 $85.00 
American Joint Vetch  $160.00 $160.00 
Chufa (10 lbs)    
Chufa  (50 lbs)    
BIOMASS (25lb)    
BIOMASS Legume (25 lb)     
Guides Choice Waterfowl Mix (20 lb)     
Bio-Maxx (45 lbs)    
Alfalfa additive (24/1 lb bags)    
Alfalfa – Clover (24/1 lb bags)    
Brassica additive (24/1 lb bags)    
Tecomate Upland Game Bird Mix (20 lb)    
Tecomate Bucks and Bosses Mix (4 lb)    
Tecomate Buck Beans Mix (5 lbs)    
Tecomate Chicory (3 lbs)    
Tecomate Chicory (10 lbs)    
Tecomate Lab Lab (20 lbs)    
Tecomote Lab Lab Plus (22 lbs)    
Tecomate Deer Pea Plus (22 lbs)    
Imperial Whitetail Chicory Plus (3.5 lbs)    
Imperial Whitetail Chicory Plus (14 lbs)     
Imperial Whitetail Double Cross                  (6/4 lb bags)     
Imperial Whitetail Extreme (5.6 lbs)    
Imperial Whitetail Clover (4 lbs)     
Imperial Whitetail Clover (18 lbs)     
Imperial Whitetail "No Plow" Blend (9 lbs)    
Crimson Clover    
Barblanca White Clover (25 lbs) $105.00 $105.00 
LA S1 Clover    $155.00 $155.00 
 Yucchi Arrowleaf Clover $78.00  $78.00 
 Pensacola Bahia Grass $45.50  $45.00 
 Bermuda Grass - Coated $85.00  $84.00 
 Bermuda Grass - Hulled $107.00  $105.00 
 Generic Roundup - 2.5 gal. container $14.00/gal   

 Fall/Winter Prices

Item 50 Lb Bag Bulk Price
MS Blend – 41% Wheat, 40.5% Oats, 13% Crimson Clover, 5.5% Arrowleaf Clover $25.00 $24.00
Quick Draw - 45% Wheat, 45% Bob Oats, 10% Iron-Clay Cowpeas $15.50 $14.50
Wheat - Feed Grade $7.00 $6.50
Wheat $13.00 $13.00
Oats $12.00 $12.00
Elbon Rye $18.25 $17.25
Trophy Oats – Bio Logic $27.50 $27.50
Crimson Clover $34.00 $34.00
Yucci Arrowleaf Clover $85.00 $85.00
Imperial Whitetail Clover $125.00 (18 lb Bag) $125.00 (18 lb Bag)
Imperial Whitetail Clover Call (4 Lb Bag) Call (4 Lb Bag)
 Barblanca White Clover $110.00 (25 lb Bag) $110.00 (25 lb Bag)
Osceola White Clover $202.00 $202.00
Alyce Clover $84.00 $84.00
Barkant Forage Turnip $59.00 (25 lb Bag) $59.00 (25 lb)
Austrian Winter Peas $30.00 $30.00
Gulf Ryegrass $19.50 $19.50
Jumbo Ryegrass $34.50 $34.50
Bio Logic Brassica $9.50/lb $9.50/lb
Bio Logic Green Patch $37.25 (40 Lb Bag) $37.25 (40 Lb Bag)
Bio Logic Alfa Clover Additive $9.00 ea. (1 lb bags) $9.00 ea. (1 lb bags)
Bio Logic Brassica Additive $9.00 ea. (1 lb bags) $9.00 ea. (1 lb bags)
Bio Logic Outfitters Blend $28.00 (22.5 lb bag) $28.00 (22.5 lb bag)
Tecomate Monster Mix AP $49.50 (8 lb bag) $49.50 (8 lb bag)
Tecomate Alpha Extreme $64.75 (10 lb bag) $64.75 (10 lb bag)
Tecomate Chicory $25.00 (3 lb bag) $25.00 (3 lb bag)
Tecomate Chicory $65.50 (10 lb bag) $65.50 (10 lb bag)
Tecomate Ultra Forage Mix $39.00 (9 lb bag) $39.00 (9 lb bag)
Tecomate Max Attract Fall $45.00 (40 lb bag) $45.00 (40 lb bag)

Planting Tips