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I was able to harvest another doe Sat. morning at about 9a.m, I wish I would have takin a picture of the blood trail, I have NEVER seen a deer bleed that much and run that far(D@*N DEER), she was quartering away at 35 yds and I hit her right at the last rib and it came out right in the frount shoulder pocket on the oposite side. Iwish I would have took a picture of the scales, she was 140#s but only had a 10" tailLOL


Doe #3 down boys, give us another 10!!

Here is Huntersmky doe from this weekend, Nice Job! For some reason I couldn't get them sized bigger. Congrats!

Here is doe #2 from Sat.

Doe #2 down boys, give us some more points, this contest is the best thing that could have happened for my herd mgtBigGrin

Here is a pic of the doe i killed on 10-06.

Here is a picture of the doe I harvested opening a.m.