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UMrebs killed this doe yesterday afternoon! Dont know alot of details except for he had to put this deer in the back of his honda civic to get her home! Congrats!

I got on my stand yesterday around 4PM and at 4:15 this doe comes strolling by like she was lost! I introduced her to the Grim Reaper and she lost! One more doe to come soon!


Me and Browndog went out to his place to thin the herd a little bit! Both connected on big does and netiher made it more than 40 yards! The grim Reapers are one awesome broadhead!


I shot this buck at 5:10 this afternoon and could not believe he showed himself so early! Special thanks goes out to Browndog b/c I dont think I would had found him without him! We measured him at 145 1/2". My best Bow buck ever!


I killed the doe sunday morning around 8:30 over a bunch of falling acorns! The 8pt. Buck was killed that afternoon. He had 11.5" G2's with 21" main beams.

I shot this doe this afternoon at around 6pm. I have been shooting the 100gr Grim Reapers and they are doing a heck of a job! Have gotten complete pass throughs on 3 of the 4 deer I have killed this year. Im sure it would had passed through the bigger buck that I killed but it stuck in the socket of his shoulder. They definitly have alot more penetration than the rage in my opinion!