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Hunt Trophy White-tails in Iowa
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October 1st - 23rd - $2,000.00
October 24th – November 16th - $2,500.00

1st Shotgun Season
December 4th-7th - $3,250.00
2nd Shotgun Season
December 11th-14th - $3,000.00
Late Muzzleloader Season
December 22nd-January 10th - $3,000.00



Kenny Pickering

Chad Richardson


We are located in Zone 5 near Centerville, Iowa. Our property consists of semi-rolling hills of pasture land with thick sections of timber interlaced with crop fields and crp fields . Most outfitters will not or do not plant green plots for the deer and turkeys.The main reason ,is the high cost of seed and fertilizer on top of the already high price of land leases outfitters have to pay. But, we understand the vast importance of having food sources in order to attract and keep our deer herd on our properties. So, we spare no expense for our clients. I'd say maybe less than 5% of the surrounding landowners will plant green plots for wildlife. So what does that tell you about our operation? Our farms WILL have the deer! Bow season is an excellent time to hunt with us . The crops haven't been harvested yet and the deer will be hammering our green fields. The first week of bow season is an AWESOME time to catch an ole bruiser quietly slipping into one of our green plots.

Hunting Pressure

Since our landowner lives on the property, we do not have the poaching problems. These properties have been very carefully selected to provide the kind of hunting for which you've come to expect from the Midwest. We have eliminated all unproductive ground. All but guaranteeing our clients to have the best hunt possible. By rotating farms and having a minimal number of hunters, we can offer our clients fresh stands that haven't been occupied by a dozen other hunters prior to your hunt. We are hunters ourselves . We understand what hunting pressure will and can do to a mature buck. We choose our entry and exit routes to your stands according to the wind . Cause we don't want to bump that bad boy out of his bedding area. Its already hard enough to kill a mature buck so we certainly do not need to put any more odds into his court. We will do everything in our power to help you kill the buck of your dreams. Whether that is moving stands or setting up ground blinds. We are constantly scouting while our hunters are hunting. When we locate a big buck we move our hunters in immediately. If you are not successful with us then we have failed to do our job properly. While we make no guarantees that anybody will kill a buck. Our goal is to give our clients every opportunity we can to kill a buck..... from the Land of the Giants!

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