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We build custom duck, goose and turkey calls the way they used to, handmade one at a time. We use the finest woods and acrylic to produce our calls, and only accept sound quality that works in the woods. We
make our own toneboards and sounding surfaces to produce the ultimate in game calling ability. No call leaves our shop if we would not use it ourselves in the blind or the woods. Our handmade calls cost very little
more than manufactured calls imported from China! Which would you rather own? You will hand these calls down to your grandkids!

"Ours was a made-to-order wilderness. Sixty square miles of dense and varied game haunt! Behind Bordeaux tow-head lay an old river bed. Its three miles of meander was spotted with hidden ponds, mallard and goose holes de luxe. Just below its reunion with "Ole Miss" we had general headquarters at Ed's house boat."
--Nash Buckingham, The XIVth of John

Great words written by a great author almost 100 years ago about the Mississippi Delta. I have been blessed to grow up and enjoy the great outdoors with my family and friends in this area of America.

I'm W.A. "Al" Stanford, 48,of New Albany, Mississippi. I've had a love and passion for hunting and fishing since my first hunt at age 8. With the Stanford's it's a family affair, my older brothers Ed and Gary taught me the ropes and I have tried to pass down the tradition to my sons Will, Hunter, and Ryne.

I've been a woodworker, custom home builder, and home designer for almost 30 years. A few years ago I began making my own game calls, soon all my friends and family wanted one, then I started getting calls from strangers, so I decided it was time to start this business!

My calls are all handmade by me in my shop, I have devoted many hours of time in developing them to perform at the highest level in the field. They are painstakingly "field tested" before I will sell one. If I would not use it myself I will not sell it to you. If your call doesn't suit you, just let me know and I will resolve the problem.

Thanks for dropping by,  W.A. Stanford

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with a voice disorder called SD. I have to take shots for this ever so often, and at times I am unable to talk very much and I am hard to understand over the phone. About a month to six weeks later the shot takes effect my voice gets back to near normal. Just a note to let you know if you ever call me, what's going on if my voice isn't working right! At times I can only communicate with you by email, not because I'm too busy to talk to you, its the only option I have. Thanks for understanding!


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