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  1. New Member Introductions
    Any current hunter around petzl?
  2. Hunting Dogs
    Hit the local WMA tonight. **** on the ground in 10 minutes! My office manager is going to be very happy with this great big boar.
  3. Hunting Dogs
    Made a little hunt last night. Found this sow in the 2nd tree. I haven't killed a **** in quite some time. I haven't been going much, and when I have, it's been really hard finding them in the leaves. This cooler weather should help alot with that.
  4. Hunting Dogs
    I haven't been hunting much during the summer, but I'm trying to get dogs ready for squirrel season. Decided on a **** hunt tonight. I was worried that Tap might've forgotten how, but my fears were soon assuaged. Found this one in the second tree. Nice little public land spot close to the house.
  5. Hunting Dogs
    Garrett and I went on some private land out west of town. We didn't have much time to hunt before midnight, but Tap was able to get it done. Allie showed some interest and got out and hunted a little bit. Hopefully, I can get her going before it gets too hot and she comes in heat again. Allie...
  6. Hunting Dogs
    Hunted a lease on the Pearl River south of Jackson last night. Killed a couple *****. They have pretty bad hog problems, and on the way back out on the camp road, a group of them broke out across the road. We nearly ran over the sow, but all we were able to kill were two piglets.
  7. Hunting Dogs
    I hunted with huntal and his son Preston again on some private land. The landowner and his son (Justin) joined us. It took awhile, but we got onto a fresh one. Searched the tree hard, and I was about to walk off, but blew the squaller one last time and found him way in the top. Took awhile to...
  8. Hunting Dogs
    Ronnie "steppin" Thompson and I went **** hunting on the local WMA last night. Ronnie hunted his treeing cur, Midnite. They worked the first track together, but Midnite did not tree with Tap. On the second ****, Midnite treed with Tap. The **** hung up, but we were able to get it out...
  9. Hunting Dogs
    Kenny and I went up to local WMA, but we hunted a different tract than we have been hunting here lately. Treed about 100 yards from the truck in less than 5 minutes. Knocked out this young boar, and turned Tap loose again. Nothing doing, and the wind had gotten up pretty bad, so we packed it...
  10. Hunting Dogs
    Had a great weekend with my friend Doug Stone in Starkville. Friday night **** hunt was a bust, and the Saturday morning squirrel hunt was much the same, but as promised, we ate well! Eventually, the hunting improved and we finished out the weekend strong! Saturday lunch Saturday dinner...
1-10 of 10 Results