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  1. Mississippi Fishing SALTWATER Forum
    Mid-Breton Sound Diversion - Online meetings for environmental assessment scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday for public input. https://www.nola.com/news/article_a273d976-c2e0-11ea-be3c-a33453911299.html Do you think the Diversion will have an adverse effect on MS sound salt water species...
  2. Mississippi Fishing SALTWATER Forum
    Very Important Forum scheduled regarding fresh water intrusion and it's affects on our salt water species in the Mississippi Sound. Louisiana is planning a Mid-Breton Diversion which if built and becomes operational could devastate ALL our saltwater species. Come hear for yourself, you...
  3. Mississippi Fishing SALTWATER Forum
    Will the Mid Breton Sound Diversion destroy your fishing ? ? This is an important notice to all avid salt water fishermen as our fishing resource is at risk. If the planned and fast tracked Mid Breton Sound Diversion is built, do you think it will adversely affect you??? See the presentation...
1-3 of 3 Results