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  1. New Member Introductions
    Any current hunter around petzl?
  2. Hunting Dogs
    She hunt great has treed but is not wanting to settle on tree need hunting 250? With puppy paper
  3. Hunting Dogs
    Postponed a planned hunt in the Delta, due to some weather, and stayed around the house instead. The weather is moving in slowly, and I was able to hunt from 11 - 1 today. Glad I decided to go, as the squirrels were stirring quite well. We got 10, and didn't let any get away. Adam Black with Tap
  4. Hunting Dogs
    Got up early yesterday morning and Daniel and his dad Dr. Rick followed me to the Delta. They are some of my dear friends from FBC Madison. Daniel had never squirrel hunted with a dog before, and Dr. Rick hadn't been with one since high school. Squirrels didn't seem to stir very well in the...
  5. Hunting Dogs
    My dad, his buddy Gary and I picked up my friend Noland in Vicksburg and headed for the delta. Meet up with Todd and Gavin Jackson, and hunted their dog Annie with Tap. Lots of action, seemed like we stayed treed the whole afternoon. Ended the hunt with 16. Had a large time; it's always good to...
  6. Hunting Dogs
    Met up with Matador up around the Reservoir this morning. Hunted Tap and his female KeeKee. We made several trees, but only found one daytime ****. No squirrels, but oh well. The video is from the first tree. Getting ready Video
  7. Hunting Dogs
    I haven't run dogs in almost two months. It was good to get out this morning. Squirrels didn't stir very well; Tap only made two trees. Here's a video from the first one.
  8. Hunting Dogs
    Dad, Gary and I brought one of their mutual friends along on our last squirrel hunt of the season. We had a great hunt in the south Delta. The first tree had two grays, and one of those got away, but he was the only one! Tap was on fire, and we were able to put 9 in the bag. Very pleased for...
  9. Hunting Dogs
    Quinn's dad, Neil, and I set out to get Quinn his first squirrel. We weren't able to seal the deal on our first two trips together, and Quinn had to work the last time Neil and I went. Squirrel movement was very poor yesteday morning: we didn't even see one. Yesterday afternoon was much better...
  10. Hunting Dogs
    The participation was low at our location, but we had 5 casts so most of the kids got one-on-one attention, and all of them got to do plenty of shooting (Sgt. Tullos only had 1 shotgun shell left when we put Tap on the leash). Lots of den trees, of course, and we let two get away. Preston was...
  11. Hunting Dogs
    Had a great weekend with my friend Doug Stone in Starkville. Friday night **** hunt was a bust, and the Saturday morning squirrel hunt was much the same, but as promised, we ate well! Eventually, the hunting improved and we finished out the weekend strong! Saturday lunch Saturday dinner...
1-11 of 11 Results