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  1. Mississippi Fishing SALTWATER Forum
    So, I have a nice creek/ditch in my yard and have noticed some nice sized bull minnow always hanging around. I figured today I would make a minnow trap and see how I did. With one shot I got 5 nice ones around 3-4" and a few little ones. I figure I might as well try them under a popping cork...
  2. Mississippi Fishing SALTWATER Forum
    Hello all anglers. First off, thanks to everyone that supported us this year, and thanks to those that helped us grow. We have heard your voices and taken a lot of anglers' feedback with open ears.... Big Louie & I have both decided to take Yellow Mouth Fever (YMF) back to our grass roots next...
  3. Mississippi Fishing SALTWATER Forum
    Good afternoon! I stumbled upon this forum browsing the web for fishing reports. I'm going to be in the Bay St. Louis area for a few days at the end of March (26-30). I'm probably going to bring my kayak with me and see if I can have any luck catching a fish or two. That being said, I'm...
1-3 of 3 Results