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12 guage

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Looking at buying a 12 guage, was wondering if anyone knew anything about a Stoeger M3000 or Beretta A300? Any good, bad or ugly about either of these would be appreciated. And there is always the Rem 1187. I don't duck hunt, just looking for a small game shotgun to use several times a year. Thanks in advance
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I just bought a franchi affinity bout half price of benelli and it shoots great love it!
Rem 870 Wingmaster. It will be shooting when all the others are in the parts pile!
the Remington 870 is a good one,Ive been shooting Mossbergs for 40 years,so I guess I will keep on.
Was in your shoes this time last year. Bought the A300 and am very happy with it. Dove hunted with light loads and it performed very well. Duck hunted for three days with heavy loads and it performed flawlessly. If I had it to do over I would buy it again.
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