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25-06 Shooters

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Who hunts with a 25-06? What ammo do you like best?
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I do when I'm hunting big fields and my favorite load is 120gr corelokts psp's.
I do Mine loves handloaded 115gr Barnes TSX absolutely deadly and have yet to have one take a step after being hit with them.
I do

I shoot a Winchester 90 grain PEP bullet for anything under 200. When I am hunting on big fields I use Winchester 115 grain Ballistic Silvertip. The PEP bullet is awesome. They only make it in 25-06, don't know why. It makes the insides look like they went through a blender. They make the PEP bullet in 120 grain too, but my long range gun shoots the Silvertip better.

The deer in my avatar was shot with the 90 grain PEP at 252 yards according to the rangefinder. It ran about 7 steps. The deer weighed 235 lbs.
I've killed a bunch of deer over the years with my 25-06, mostly with hand loaded 115gr Balistic Tips or 117gr Sierra GameKings. Most drop in their tracks, none have gone more than 30yds. Last year I used a 100gr Barnes TTSX. Very accurate. I killed one deer with them. It worked just fine but didn't kill him any deader than the others.
mine likes 115gr bergers pushed by 49.5grns of I4350 to the tune of 3020fps from a Remington factory 24" pipe. .479" group with it. BUT the scope took a dump on me and I bought a ziess and ended up with a deal on a 7mag and put the scope on it. I just might break the ole 25-06 back out this year.
I have killed more deer with my 25-06 than any gun I own. I have tried lots of different bullets. I tend to like the factory load Winchester PEP 120 gr. My 2nd favorite is the 115 gr Bal. tip in handload using RL 22 powder. I dont remeber the amount, I would have to look that up.
I shoot 120g Federal Fusion out of mine.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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