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257 roberts owners

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anyone shoot this caliber? i found a winchester model 70 im tempted to buy. i own a couple deer rifles not like i need another but i think its a pretty good deal.
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Shot one before and it is a death ray. You won't be disappointed. Seen many a deer die to that round at the hands of both beginners and experienced shooters.
im tempted. always wanted a model 70. guess u can never own too many hunting rifles
fill her up with 117 gr hornadys and you won't be disappointed
Been shooting one in a Ruger #1, since I was 12. It's a fine caliber, I've killed a pile of deer with mine over the years.
Like others have said, it's a great caliber but ammo availability can be somewhat limited. If you reload, it is even better.
.257 Roberts Owners

Have a friend who has shot a Winchester .257 Bob for 20+ years. Swears by it. Won't leave home without it.
I shoot one- Ruger #1 and I love it. Sold my other one to my nephew for his first deer rifle. I'm going to change ammo for next year. Not real wild about the 117 gr. Hornday. Looking at Barnes or some accubonds- still researching.
If memory serves, it is a necked down case of a 7x57 mauser. Sounds like something you really need.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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