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.300 win mag ammo selection

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Just got a remington 700 sps 300 win mag and am looking into what bullets to try. Don't care to spend a ton on bullets but do have 6 Barnes that came with the gun. Anyone have this gun and idea of where to start grain wise and bullet type? Have used corloks in past with good results but thought about federal fusions. Opinions....
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Just pick up a box, prolly just some 150 grain for whitetails. Every gun is different, I bought a new gun last yr and bought some premium ammo and it did not like it. Bought some cheap blue box federal and it shot close to moa. Just never know what your gun is gonna like to eat. Hope this helps.
Shoot those barnes and see what u get, they produce some good ammo.
Shoot those barnes and see what u get, they produce some good ammo.
No doubt. If that doesn't work, consider Hornady GMX or Nosler Custom with Accubonds. Under $60 a box but dang good rounds. Some folks get decent groups with the federal fusion and they are a good bit cheaper.
Are you gona reload for it? if so i can give you some load data to help you get started, i shoot a sendero in 300win mag and roll my own
I'm going to lean towards a heavier bullet. I think you'll find that the 165 will group better than the 150s. Also, with the heavier bullet you won't have to worry quite so much about that Win mag's velocity causing a light-construction bullet to shatter.
I shoot a 190 grn bullet.
I shoot 180 grain core lokts out of both my 300s and have never had a problem
I plan on getting back to reloading soon, but basically will be starting from scratch since all my reloading equip was sold. I just bought some Barnes TTSX 165gr. for now though. Hoping my new .300 will like them. Starting from scratch with all the reloading equip and components may take a while. I did get some recipes from Mrgoodtime and Slickyboy. I'm not a shooting guru by any means, but always felt like the 165gr bullet is the ticket for the .30 cal
barnes vortx 165gr. I hunt in the water, never have lost one nor have I had them run more than 20-30 yds
I have the same gun it likes 180's better than anything. My favorite is the speer grand slam nitrex.
mine will not group 150gr but loves 180gr have not tried 165gr
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