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Yesterday, I took my cousin from Arkansas trout fishing. He's an established crappie fisherman, winning the Arkansas state championship two years in a row and fishing around 18 tournaments a year. At one point he was a bow fisherman and won tons of tournaments doing that. The guy's a real fisherman, so I figured he would definitely enjoy a fishing trip while he was here. I picked him up from his hotel at 4:45 and we hit the water. As soon as we got there, I hooked a nice 19" speck and he caught one just shy of 13". Before long, the white trout bite got ridiculous. We were catching them almost every cast, and it looked like a fun fight on his ultralight spinning rod. Mixed in with the white trout I caught 3 more keeper specks. We finally left after 8 to meet the rest of the family at the island. On the way in we stopped back and picked up probably 30 more white trout and ground mullet on dead shrimp this time. At the end of the day we had exactly 70 white trout and ground mullet and 4 specks in the box, with over half of the white trout coming off of artificials. Nothing like spending time on the water with family. This sunrise picture is from Friday morning, but I figured it was worth sharing
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Good stuff Man. Fun with Family is always a bonus.
Thanks, guys. I just realized that title ought to read 7/6
Good stuff Man. Fun with Family is always a bonus.
+1 looks like decent size white trout too.
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