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7-11-14 fishing

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Hadn't been on the water in a good while so wasn't sure what to expect but was hoping for a little more than what we found. started before day light and ended up hitting 4 different reefs and never put a legal trout in the boat. Had 5 hooked that were all about 2 pounds and every one of them came unbuttoned but that were the only 5 trout we even hooked. No white trout, no catfish of any kind, no lady fish. Willie did boat one small mackerel. We had a school of these

come by one of the reefs we were on that seem to love Lemonhead Matrix's that did give us some excitement and somewhat saved the morning. We had a double going for several minutes until Willie's straighten the hook on his jig. Water was as good as I have seen it but just didn't seem to be any fish. Zillions and Zillions of minnows everywhere no matter where we went. We didn't get the tide the charts said we were going to get either. On the drive to our meeting place this morning I seen there was a humungous full moon so that could have had something to do with it but wetland man done pretty good over in the Goula area this morning so who knows.
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I'm sure that thing tightened the braid on your spool!
My nephews came out from TX for their annual 4th of July fishing trip last weekend. We headed out last Monday. We didn't kill them, but put together a decent box.
I hooked into a Jack and let the boys take turns fighting it. They were amazed at it's strength and put a huge smile on their faces.
Hey Jimmy I can't tell. Did you enter it in the purdest or the ugliest category? Nice Jack Bud
Sound like turned out to be an ok trip considering.
Sound like turned out to be an ok trip considering.
They're all good if we come home safe. Catching was just on the slow side.[smile]
Oh yea, Willie's trolling motor disintegrated this morning too. I lowered the trolling motor into the water first thing at the first reef and nothing!!!!!! The button switch in the pedal wouldn't work so had to operate the continuous run button on and off manually to get it to run at all. Then about 8:00 it completely breaks down and the motor will no longer turn to the left past straight ahead. So now I have right and straight ahead but it takes both my feet on the pedal to get it to move at all. Not sure what he will do now.
Sounds like it's time to go see Randy.
Sounds like it's time to go see Randy.
Randy runs some good deals but not good enough for Willie[laugh]
[laugh][laugh][laugh] Thanks to TW he had a total of $30 in this one and got a lot of hrs out of it.
Not sure what he will do now.
It's not Willie's two feet on it! I think you might be getting a good workout while Willie keeps on fishing! [biggrin]
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