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7/12/14 Report

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Took off with high hopes on Saturday morning with a live well full of shrimp and croakers. Headed to Horn Island rubble. We got there at 715 and found our spot. There were already 6 boats there so I thought we were in business. This spot is over 5 acres in size so more the merrier to get the fish going. Well let me tell ya, it was SLOOOOWW all morning. We caught lots of fish but no trout. Watched all the boats around us and none were catching, so we stayed thinking they might turn on after the tide changed.
Wrong answer. We left after catching a few mackerel and plenty of trash fish. We went over to ship and tried a spot there but no better except we harassed a blackfish on the way who was not interested in eating that morning. Did anyone see the brown stuff in the water around ship? It looked like an algae bloom has taken place, maybe low oxygen has chased the fish away. We listened to the charter boats and they had a slow day as well. There is always next weekend... Thinking of getting the golf clubs out...[angry]
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We didn't leave the dock until 10 because of the moon and went to Cat. Fishing didn't pick up until after noon and even then wasn't fast and furious. Know of a few who went to Horn and caught them for about 15 minutes and it turned off. Dang fish are weird.
Dang fish are weird.
That's what makes them so exciting to chase.[smile]
That's why it is called fishing not catching but dang, this has been a weird year. Just when you think you got it figured out they are gone...
I started fishing with live shrimp well before daylight and didn't get a bite until almost 7:30am. I was about ready to pack it in.
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