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7-15-14 Deer Island

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Was able to get out before work this morning for a little while. When the alarm went off at 4:45, I heard a big clap of thunder and rain. checked the radar and a thunder storm was over Biloxi but slid off to the east... delayed a little bit but started fishing just before 6. West-Southwest wind was kicked up so I just hit a few places along the north shoreline of Deer that was semi protected. Got a griller size red in the box on a bone spook jr. Continued hitting a couple other spots along the island and found a school of hungry trout, only downside was they were nearly all 12 inches. I did get one about 17" to slam the spook before Flipper's entire family crashed the party! It was time to head in for work anyway... 7:30 am cranked up while watching the dolphins put on a show.

Redfish on the halfshell tonight, trout tacos tomorrow night!

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excellent way to start the morning!
That was worh getting up for sure! If flipper is feeding nearby, there's likely your target species there also!
Nice report buddy. Been a lot of flippers around.
Wonderful way to wake up! Love it!
That zara spook jr. is quickly becoming one of my favorite lures...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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