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7-16 Night Trip

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I don't fish much when the weather is hot.I saw where that cool air was coming in & just had to go.I left home at 8:10 P.M. and fished until 3:00 A.M.I started at Long Beach and worked the reefs and shoreline to the West.
Right off I started catching Lady Fish,I would move on until I finally found a stretch about 100 yards long holding trout.During the whole trip I only caught 6 keeper trout & 1 red.I caught all the trout on my ole trusty Yozuri L Minnow Black back Silver side and White belly.Yozuri doesn't make this one any more but they do make one very similar.Yozuri 3DS Minnow 70 SP Suspending, 2-3/4 inch 1/4 oz. ( sorry there is a lot of Japaninese writing on the box,but no color code ).Just Google Yozuri 3 DS Minnow 70 SP as their are several different colors.I also change the hooks out from # 8 that comes on it to a # 6 Gaimakatsu stock # 47107.
I caught 6 trout in six hours ,so they weren't jumping in the boat.The strange thing is the first trout I caught was a 24 inch Male trout.He was grunting the whole time I was unhooking him.All 6 trout were males and they were grunting also & I also cleaned them today and verified they were all males.By my standards a 24" male trout are few and far between.I also had one 22 " and another one 20 inches.The other 3 were 14 to 16 inch fish.I tried the Mirrodine XL with no luck at all.There was no catch & release as all of these fish were inhaling the lure.
Six hours and Six trout ,not an outstanding trip but I really enjoyed it.Good Luck MM
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Sounds like you found some nice quality fish, MM. I'm ready to see of your crazy winter night trip reports again!
Great Report, sounds like a grind, but catching some monster males is few and far between.
Anytime I see a post by MM that is titled " Night Trip" I get excited. Not many but definitely good quality.
Anytime I see a post by MM that is titled " Night Trip" I get excited. Not many but definitely good quality.

That is his middle name! MS "quality" Man [biggrin]
It may not have been many.....you you got to fish, and you brought fish home.
Don't mind the long slow grind for fish that size. Good job. MM.
Thanks Guys for all the kind remarks.I'll be glad when all the Lady Fish & other tooths leave so I can get back at it on a more regular basic.Thanks[wink] MM
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