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7/2 back bay action

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Fished yesterday afternoon near Boomtown. Good falling tide and caught over 50 specks using opening night plastic. The bay is now loaded with small menhaden and the fish were blowing them up as far as you could see. I tried live shrimp but only caught catfish. Was a great afternoon. I did not keep one fish as they were just undersize but still had fun. I did get to feed a blue heron a trout dinner... Should be a great fall. [biggrin]
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I must be old because I don't get it. With all the under sized we have run into this winter could be pretty good.
I agree. The fish were quite fat from gorging on the schools of menhaden.. Fun to watch.
Thanks for the post I am sure my kids would have a blast catching some of those trout.
Sounds about right for the back bay in July. Lots of little trout.
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