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7/6 Horn

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This was the best trip of the year so far. I got to take my dad ,that only fishes a few times a year , on his first island wade trip and one of my cousins that is in town for the holiday from Texas that has never been saltwater fishing at all.
Headed out early to beat the crowds and pulled up at the island not long after daylight. Within 5 minutes the first fish was on the stringer. Me and my dad threw topwater baits all morning looking for big trout and i had my cousin hooked up with a jig so he catch #s over size.
Dad ended up with the biggest trout of the day which was also the biggest he has ever caught and my cousin caught a hand full of throwbacks and a few keepers. We had so many laughs and mind blowing moments it would take forever to type them all out, but the one that beat them all was when i had a fish break me off and swam off with my favorite skitterwalk still in its mouth. 45 minutes later and 1/4 mile further down the beach. Dad seen something floatin and sure enough about 75 yards out from us was my lure. So i took off towards it and about half way there it got over my head deep so i had to hold my rod over my head and swim to it. Got back to the bar we were fishin on and tied it back on and went back to catchin fish.

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Good job..enjoy your time with your dad. Don't take any of it for granted.[smile]
Awesome job buddy. Glad y'all had a great time.
Great job Lat...keep tearing em up
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