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7/7 Morning Blank

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Needed to get the boat back in the slip, so I stopped by Crappies and picked up a dozen bull minnows launched under the bridge and immediately hit the trolling motor and started working the old docks heading west.

It was around 7:30 when I hit the water, which I suspect was part of my problem, slept in.

I didn't find any flounder. I moved over to Goat Island after a while and a huge school of mullet were heading up the bay. I tossed into them to see if anything was under them.

Lost about a 16" trout at the boat. Next I could into a Ladyfish that had something to prove. On the 3rd jump she finally broke me off, its a shame I am certain she would have landed me firmly in first place in the Ladyfish category of the Hardhead Classic.

Returned home, no fish in the cooler, but still enjoyed the morning.
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Had me worried with that Ladyfish! The few specs we did catch Sat were all caught pretty early.
Yeah she definitely had the 22" mark beat by a long shot. It was a lot of fun. Each jump was 2 - 3 feet out of the water.
I plan on hitting that bank wed or thur after pulling some huge hardheads in off the pier and looking for that white dolphin...last time i saw him he was headed out towards goat island[confused]
Donk, give me a call once you figure out your schedule. Maybe we can do a Pier/Boat combo trip.
Will do boss....working on it now,or should be but i'm checking out the Bull[wink]
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