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Willie and me got on the water for a couple of hours today and it was pretty much the same story as everyone else has run into. Caught a lot of fish and a variety of fish but only ended up with 3 keeper trout, 1 legal red and 1 legal flounder. The lack of a trolling motor on Willie's boat really limits how we fish now. We had one trout that would have been 22" if it would of had a tail but was 20" tailess. Had one trout at 19" and one other smaller trout. The red was 25" and the flounder was about 14" but we gave it away. Lemonhead Matrix on a 5/16 "Up The Road Tackle" jig, Natural color Vudu 24" under a Boat Monkey cork and a H2O sinking Mullet. Caught the slam, a ground mullet, too many Ladyfish and had a Pogey jump in the boat[laugh]. The water is alive with Pogeys, Glass Minnows, Ladyfish, porpoise, and undersize trout. Water was absolutely beautiful. Very nice couple of hours on the water.

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Was that a predator bite on the speck or flesh eating bacteria??
Was that a predator bite on the speck or flesh eating bacteria??
Dunno [omg]
Sounds like a fun trip. The water is alive right now for sure! I caught a trout about 12" long that was missing its tail the other day
Nice looking fish!
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