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8/2 couple trout and a couple blackfish

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I try not to fish on Saturdays, but the weather looked decent and I have a bud that's been wanting to go. I wanted to sleep in and get on the water 9ish and just fish for tripletail, but he wanted to get there early. So off we went at 3:00am. Launched out of caddy with a few shrimp and a few croakers. Tried the reef but not a bite and no activity and no boats. Not a good sign. Threw top water and live bait and nothing. Left there and hit a spot on the shore line that has been producing reds and flounder. My buddy has a croaker under a cork and first cast a nice trout. Hmm. So for the next couple of hours we catch around 50 trout. No reds. Only problem is, they are 12.5" oh so close. Ended up with 5 keepers and lost a couple more keepers. Caught the majority of them on matrix tiger bait and the lemon one. Only catfish on the live shrimp. And those 12.5" trout were eating 4" croakers somehow. So about 9:00 it's time to go catch a TT. AFter the first 20 min of riding and looking I can tell my buddy is thinking "what are we doing" about that time we see one by a crab pot and he turns and looks at me like. Holy cow, did u see that. Circle back around and he makes a great cast to it and it's on. The fish put on a show jumping and flipping and taking drag. A Nice 20incher for his first ever. All of a sudden he likes triple tail fishing. Haha. Then we ride another hour with the sun behind the clouds, it's hard to see. About ready to give up we spot a 50lb feed sack floating and sure enough there's one under it and I get to catch me one. About the same size as his. We call it a day and off the water before noon so we can get back and spend the day with the fam. I envy you guys that live close to the water, don't take it for granted.

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sounds like a great morning!

nice catch, those TT's sure are tasty!
Nice mess of fish. Living on the coast every day we probably do take it for granted that some where a boat launch is probably only 10 mins away but we shouldn't. I can't imagine living anywhere but on the coast.
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