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92 days!!!

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So about 92 days until go time.[shootin][shootin] I don't want to wish my life away, but I am sooo ready to be in a tree waiting on a deer.
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You and me both, ready for that cool weather again too.
getting ready to fletch up a dozen arrows to practice!im bout ready for it !
I was up at 6 30 this morning for some reason thinking about it! ha
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Count me in as well. Just posted over in the Deer hunting section something similar. It's just too dang hot to shoot much, even at sunup and sundown.

Cmane, you got it bad, brother!
I'm waiting on my new bow then I'm gonna hit it hard. Patiently waiting...
It's never too hot to shoot!
You must not be fat like me!!! [laugh]
I got it bad too but there is no way i will get out and shoot right now. I will wait until September and shoot 2 or 3 times then put the broadheads on. I need to check my cameras.
I'm shooting the elite 1 or 2 days a week , even if it's only a couple of shots ,, even mixing in a couple of 3d shots also ,, heck I sweat all day at work , a little more want hurt me :)
Just bought a dozen arrows, ordering custom wraps, and buying new broad heads (slick trick magnums!) No wonder I'm always broke. Can't wait to watch that mystical first sunrise of deer season!
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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