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?? About 24v solar charger

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Have an opportunity to park my boat at a much cheaper spot, just as safe as where it is now but the only problem is there is no electricity near the shed when're my boat will be. I'm not going to remove two trolling motor batteries and bring em home every time to charge em and then have to hook em all back up before I go fishing. So I've thought about solar chargers, but no nothing about em.
I've googled a bit and found a 24v solar charger but it's in the 400.00 range. My question is. Has anyone ever done this and does it work? I don't want the solar panel in my boat, I want to mount it on the outside of the shed, and just unhook the connectors and go fish.
Will I be able to fish all day then park boat and hook charger up and the batteries be full charged the next time I go?
Thanks for any help.
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It's definitely doable but I'm not sure what kind of amperage a trickle charge pulls. You would just have to make sure that you covered the required loading (should be on your charger). But yes most solar power is basically what you are trying to do. Solar panels charge batteries for use as needed later by connected equipment.
I use 2 small cheap 12 volt trickler chargers to keep my 24 volt (dual battery) trolling system charged. They are AC, but wiring would be the same. And might be a cheaper option to go with 2 12 volt solar panels than 1 24 volt panel.
Here is how I have my chargers wired. From Battery Tenders website

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Walmart has one in the Boating section for about $40 that would work I think. Of course it would be for one battery. I'm thinking about mounting one on my Yak for a continuous trickle. Check it out, it may just be what you're looking for.
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