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Aim For Calvary 3D Tournament Aug 30

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Everyone is invited to our annual 3D tournament . The first tournament will be held Aug 30 in Enterprise MS. All classes are hunter setup ,12" stabilizer max. PM me or call the numbers on the attached flyer. Thank you.


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New attachment added with corrected dates.
Think I may try this. Are there any nice hotels close by.
Closest place for hotels will be Meridian. From there it is around a 15mile drive to the shoot down I-59
I might show up and keep score for the clover kids but I will not be able to shoot. Shoulder surgery is done ,but rehab is not. If you have never shot these Church tourneys you are missing a huge blessing. Great people and super Christian fellowship.

definitely a great shoot. looks like i may try to come and shoot again and set up a small booth with our shirts. Have to set up my new Athens!
Looking forward to having you back ! I need some more nice shirts .
Please help spread the word that we have added a traditional class this year .
Can I use an adjustable sight as long as you adjust it behind the riser. It is a sure loc sportsman if you need to look it up.
Quick Draw, I see no problem at all using that sight. Looks like it is the same as an HHA. Just make sure any lense is removed if you have one.
Quick Draw, I see no problem at all using that sight. Looks like it is the same as an HHA. Just make sure any lense is removed if you have one.
The time is getting close . If anyone needs questions answered or directions during the week feel free to call me 601-934-0327 Johnny
What does the money raised go toward? I was just curious if it was missions or a ministry. I am looking forward to seeing everyone God bless.
The money that we clear in the shoot is used by the Church brotherhood. The brotherhood uses the money for missions and to do projects for families in the community . We have done a few projects this year so far . We built a porch on front of the house for a family , replaced the floor in the laundry room for a family and repaired skirting around the house for a family. Putting on one of these shoots cost a good bit of money . After paying for lunch for the shooters the prizes given out and targets , the amount of profit is not what you would think. That is why we appreciate every single person that comes out and supports these shoots. I would love to see a record number of people this year. The course has minimal hill climbing and 95% shade. The trails are nice and clean for walking. I am also looking forward to seeing everyone there and hopefully a lot of new people.
I know it cost a great deal of cash and a lot more in time and effort. I am not going to be able to shoot but I will be there to support yall. I look forward to these shoots. I know the people that had work done on their homes are glad yall do them. Keep up the good work and God bless.
Is the tourney rain or shine? Praying for sun.
Yes sir. It will be rain or shine.
Great shoot as usual. Johnny did a great job sharing his heart, if you missed it you missed a blessing. I thank y'all for a job well done. God is so good, I prayed for good weather and the sun shined until the shoot was over. His mercy and faithfulness never cease to amaze me. Thanks again and I will see everyone at Stonewall.
Thank you Mr Jimmy. The shoot was great and I think everybody had a lot of fun . I hope my message reached whoever it was intended for.
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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