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aluminum boats and saltwater. got a few questions

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I had a 1648 welded boat i used in Louisiana but sold it when i moved back to MS. I had it for 2 years and loved it. I want to get another one. Do any of yall have one with carpet? Has the saltwater done any damage to it? I didnt have mine long enough for the saltwater to take its toll. But in 2 years i didnt notice anything out of the ordinary. I know welded is better but id like to get one thats riveted cause its lighter amd some spots i want ill have to drag it. I hear mixed reviews about riveted boats. Mine was welded so I cant speak for riveted. But i try to take care of my stuff. Even in my glass boat i dont like fishing when its choppy
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There are various grades of aluminum - some more resistant to corrosion than others. I'm not familiar with which grades are which but I know they are different. The biggest problem with saltwater use with an aluminum boat is failure to wash it well top and bottom after use. If you do that, then even the lesser grades of aluminum will last much longer.
My gigging boat (1648 Landau) is all weld aluminum and has been in nothing but saltwater for 14 years with absolutely no corrosion. Other than the dents and scrapes I've made running into stuff it's as good as the day I bought it. All I do is spray it down after each use.
Is it a flat bottom or mod v? Mine was a mod v.
Check out rookie boats on hwy 603 in waveland ms, not sure what your budget is but the custom make aluminum boats, may be an option and you can get just what you want!
Just my opinion/experience, but I stay away from the riveted. After a few years of walking around on them and going through choppy water, the rivets loosen and start to leak. Even if you avoid choppy water, the weight of an adult will create slack in the rivets over time. If you put some type of plywood floor over it, that would probably help.
As mentioned above, there are different grades of aluminum and you want to be sure whatever boat you buy is constructed of a 5000 series alloy such as 5086. The 5000 series alloys are the standard in the marine industry due to it's improved corrosion resistance versus other aluminum alloys such as a 6061.

From my experience with riveted aluminum boats is they leak. Also as mentioned above, from walking on the bottom over time the rivets loosen and leak. So I'm saying welded aluminum is the way to go. Also, with aluminum boats and salt water you really don't want any exposed seams for the salt water to sit up in. Over time the salt water will eat away at these seams more quickly so a seam-free welded boat, in my opinion, should hold up longer.
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