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another one off the list!

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Finally caught some mackerel today, first one was a baby about 5 inches I netted in the back bay catching bait. The other one I caught in gulfport by the piers there it wasn't too bad it was 18 inches, will post a pic later. Fished at keesler marina and kept getting robbed of finger mullet. Went to the drive on pier and didn't even get my bait stole, heck I couldn't even catch a trash fish there. So I headed to gulfport and had a good time with those speedy toothy criters. They are a blast on 10lb test. I couldn't get any on topwater with a zara spook, but I did almost catch a sea gull with it. I must of been presenting the bait just right because yhat gull dived at it 3 or 4 times. Will post some pictures later. All in all was a good day even if I only caught 1 keeper.
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I like catching them little speed demons. And just wait till you see how easy they are to clean. They fry up real nice. They are a rather oily fish so I would imagine they would be good smoked too.
Got to love their enthusiasm when they hit the bait too.
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