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Another Thermocell Idea

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Last year I played around with some ideas on how to provide a more cost effective mosquito control through the use of the Thermocell product. While many have learned to refill the butane cannisters, the pads remain an area of improvement as the home solutions aren't quite as good as the real thing, and buying pads separately from Thermocell can cost as much as $1.25/each.

I found the Thailand version of the pads for $7.99 for 30 with the same Allegrin solution. Give me three weeks and I'll tell you if it works! It's a slow boat.

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Very interesting find. Maybe they avoid the Thermacell patent because this is for use in an electric plug in device rather than a gas powered portable device like Thermacell. Or maybe they just don't care because they are in Thailand. Let us know how this works out.


The above link is the MSDS sheet on the Thermacell mats. It appears to have a much higher % of d-Allethrin than the Thailand product. Hope it works out anyway.
I read about someone using those from Thailand the other day and he said they were just as effective as the regular ones. Good luck, the skeeters are gonna be bad this year!
Stringwacker..................Did you ever test out the Thailand pads? Did they work?
Stringwacker..................Did you ever test out the Thailand pads? Did they work?
Sorry....didn't see the post!

I haven't tried them but they look great. They fit a little tight in the Thermocell, but not 'too' tight. I'm happy with the purchase as they are individually wrapped and have Allegrin.

I've read too many others on the different web sites that say they work fine. The only regret is I didn't see the 60 pack...hardly any more money for 60 vs 30.
You get a chance to try them out yet Stringwacker?
I wonder if you could dip a used pad in a pyrethroid solution' (maybe even straight pyrethroid) let it dry and then use it? That's what's in the commercial brand. Thoughts?
You get a chance to try them out yet Stringwacker?
Though I rarely used the Thermocell this year (mosquitoes just weren't that bad), the times I used the new product it worked very well.

I really don't see any difference between the cheaper pads and the TC $1.50/pad originals. $8.00 for 30 pads is awful hard to beat.

When you can purchase them as cheaply as you can now, I see little reason to experiment with the home solutions.
Thanks for the input! Will definitely switch over to these.. Thanks for helping me save a buck to shoot a buck!
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