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Anybody near Starkville want to split a case of Fusion .35 Whelen?

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I can get a case (200 rds) of Federal Fusion .35 Whelen delivered for $200. At $1/round, that is half the price I would be paying at the local coop. However, it would take me a lifetime to shoot 200 rds (even half a case of 100 rds would take a long time but at this price I would live with it).

I'd be willing to order it if there is anyone near me that would be willing to take half the order.
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Come on guys, I know PW season is a long way away but somebody near Starkville must need a good buy on ammo. I REALLY don't relish the idea of spending $80 at the local store for just two boxes when I could get 5 for only $100 if someone else would take the other half.
Thats a great deal. Surprised someone hasn't taken you up on the offer yet. If I shot them, I sure would.
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