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anybody shoot accu tip

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Shot the remington accu tips in 7 mag this year instead of the btsp in fed. pre. Not convinced yet.They were accurate but just exploded on impact. Killed all three deer shot with them. Anybody else shooting them.
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Try the new Hornady GMX 139 grain round. I shoot it in my TC ProHunter 7 mm mag and it is scary accurate.
I shot the REM.PREMIUM ACCU BOND IN 140gr in the old 270. Never had one take more than a few steps.
Have taken deer from 30 yards to 241 yards with that bullet in 120 grain 260 Rem out of a Model Seven. Not going to change right now. Am totally happy with the performance.
I shot the remingtons this year as well. I wasn't too impressed with the performance. I really didnt get a good exit, but i never had one run more than 20 yards
in my old 260 I shot the 120 rem and my old 7mag tc I shot the federal prem 150 bal tips. Loved them both and could complain at all about the bullet proformance
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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