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I've hunted arrowheads pretty much on and off my entire life. I have a very rare effigy that I found. I have moved out of the delta to the hills of Yazoo county and mostly look for large pieces of petrified wood. I come across the occasional arrowhead in a creek bed. It's a great hobby for sure!
My dad was Pres of the MS Archeaological Society for years, as an amatuer. He owns one of the largest collections of SE native American artifacts. He organized dozens of digs, working with teams from universities both within and outside MS. Approaching 80 years of age, he no longer works in the field, but he's been known to take time to help others with a passion for understanding native American life through the artifacts they left us.

Although I got a MA in History, I've so far not been bitten by the artifact bug! lol. But I've know MANY who are, and yall can be an obsessive bunch! LOL
1 - 1 of 8 Posts