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arrowleaf & durana

I wasn't very high on clover at one time. Don't get me wrong as I still plant other fall forages such as rye grass, wheat and oats. However after seeing some pictures of the clover plots that GI Bowhunter and GT Rambler would post on the old MDWF forum I decided I wanted to add some clover to my family's food plot acreage on our farm. I established three different clover plots totaling just a tad over two acres almost three years ago and have been very pleased with the results, both from the good stands I was able to establish and from the utilization of the clover by whitetails and turkey. I planted an acre of arrowleaf back in the fall and thanks to the very warm temps as of late and a shot of 0-20-20 about a month ago all four of my stands of clover have really taken off. Again, I got the inspiration to try this from seeing the posts of GI Bowhunter and GT Rambler (paladin, I believe on this forum). I can tell you they are excellent sources for clover information.

First picture is a three year old stand of durana. I usually plant the acreage next to it in forage soybeans. Add some persimmon trees on the edge of this four acre field and this is an excellent bow plot.

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Second picture is a two year old stand of durana. I have an acre of corn I plant next to this each year. This also makes a very good bow plot. My wife of 31+ years killed her very first deer / buck in this field this December. It was the high point of the season for me.

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Third picture is an acre of arrowleaf clover in a long lane running through some plantation pines that I planted this year. Believe it or not this was a pretty decent draw for deer in January even though it is much more plush and thick now. When I took this picture I noticed it was beginning to show signs of being grazed pretty good in spots. GT Rambler / Paladin had pictures of some really nice stands of arrowleaf on the old MDWF forum that prompted me to try some this past fall.

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