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ATV pull behind mower

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Curious to see if anyone uses a mower that is pulled behind a ATV to cut their plots or fields with. I have a field that only dries out in late summer to get a tractor with bushhog in to cut it. I was thinking I could keep it cut for the turkeys if I had a ATV pulled mower. I would love to hear the pros and cons if anyone uses one to cut with.
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Hi Mike!

I have thought about one for many years. I'm interested as well in what others might have to say. All I know is I asked a local lawnmower shop about the swisher pull behind mower after seeing one on his lot. He replied that it was his brothers mower and it had stayed more at his shop over the years.... than it had in his brothers fields:)

I know there are several brands of pull behind mowers out there.
I guess no one uses one Mark. I just promised to buy one that is a swisher from someone on eBay's. I will pick it up this weekend so maybe it will workout. If not it will not be enough to break the bank so I'll just give it to someone. I sure wish I could hear from someone that has first hand knowledge because if it works it will really help me out. I've been having to always wait for the dry season to do one field that deer and turkey love to use.
I know I’ve read on here from a member that has used one. DonDon maybe?

a quick search of the forum will bring up a couple useful posts for you.
I used a swisher 60in pull behind for 10 yrs plus with very little issue. It was a very tough mower and I only had to do the normal maintenance along the way. I used an old Honda 250 4 trax to pull it until it finally started to give me more problems than I wanted to fix. I opted for a zero turn after that and never have looked back.
IDK what a pull behind mower costs to buy, If you happen to have a 4' bushhog already, it shouldn't take much to mount a motor in it.
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