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Battery theft.

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Recently saw all the post about batteries and it made think of something going on around here,boat batteries are being stolen at an alarming rate around here and making their way strait to the scrap yard where they are bringing top dollar right now. Some friends in law enforcement are saying they are being stolen at a bigger rate than coper even. They are usually easier to snatch out of a boat than a car or truck.....might not be a bad idea to keep this in the back of your mind when deciding where to store your boat.
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Happened to me last year, dropped the trolling motor and no juice. Two new batteries I had less than 2 weeks!
Dang it man I cannot stand a thief. Hope I can show some restraint if I look out and see an unauthorized head and hands probing inside the engine compartment of my boat.
My truck was broken into a few years ago. And a couple of months ago they pulled an old, 3-wheeled floor jack out of the bed of it.

These creeps will take anything and have no respect for what a person works hard to get. They feel entitled to what they have not earned. It really chaps my hind-end.
I take mine out my boat every trip. Not worth risking.
I heard today that battiers are $18 apiece. Good or bad.
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