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Here is the recipe for the best dang rabbit you will ever eat.

First quarter up the rabbit and let soak overnight in a solution of salt water.

Next, take a skillet and pour about 1" of oil in the bottom. Heat the grease up to about 350 or so and place the quartered up rabbit in and just brown both sides. You are not cooking the rabbit at this point just getting a light brown color on the skin.

Once the peices are brown take them out put them on a paper towel. Then put the quateres in a pressure cooker with the seasoning of choice. I use tony's, salt, and pepper but this is where you can be creative. The next step is probably the most important. You want to cook the rabbits in the pressure cooker until it "jiggles" one time. (and i cannot stress enough, as soon as you hear it jiggle one time that's it.) Then cut the eye off and let the steam dissapate until you can open the pressure cooker. Be carefull not to get burned and don't open the pressue cooker until all the steam has escaped.

Here comes the good part. At this point the rabbits almost cooked but not quite. Now, remove the rabbits from the pressure cooker and put them in milk. Mix up your favorite batter and batter the rabbits and deep fry until golden brown.

Serve with rice'n gravey, cat-head biscuits and turnip greens. Be carefull tho. It may make you want to slap yo mamma.

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