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big and j

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anyone use this stuff? does it really "bring in deer off your neighbors property"?
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IMHO, just another gimmick to sell hunters. I don't buy into any of that c'mere deer, deer cocaine, big and j, acorn crush etc. Put out some mineral licks, keep em fed up with some protein pellets, plant em some beans/corn/clover etc. and you'll keep em on your property as well as any of the gimmick type crap they're peddling these days.
i tried it before and no big deal. No better than corn. One product I really liked last year was that candy corn. Deer in south ms absolutely loved it.
yea i did try some last year. the forst few days alot of deer activity. after that it was nothing but ***** and birds. guess ill stick with corn and protein pellets
really duno how those guys sleep at night charging that much money for stuff like that
Only thing I'd bet on is it will "Bring cash out of your wallet"
was not impressed with Big&J. I wish they would stop selling that stuff because I end up trying it just in case.

Rice bran worked wonders one year and nothing the next.

The cmere deer spray worked well for drawing them in ( but don't buy it because you don't get near enough in a can to pay as much as you do) and the corn coat had them back almost every night.
Mix sweet feed, corn, rice bran and if that doesn't bring them in they not hungry! You could buy all three for what a bag of some of that fancy stuff sells for.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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