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Bird Watching

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Took a few pictures this weekend. Enjoy.

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That quail sure is pretty sitting on that pine limb
I thought so too. I have 3-4 coveys on my property that I have been protecting and creating habitat for over the last 2 years. Love to stand on the porch and here them call.

Nice bird pics Michael....especially the Quail pic. Not often you see one perched in a tree like that. And I agree about hearing them call. You can whistle them up to you....try it sometime. And that's great that you have 3 or 4 coveys on your place. That is a great privilege these days! You can plant some brown top millet and Milo/Sorghum around the edges of openings and plots to give them a good food source...even into the winter months.
Those Scarlet Tanagers are pretty birds too! They have a pretty song as well.
TS. How are you posting those pictures? They look good but they're to small to really see good. I can't even make out what some of the birds are. Indigo bunting, summer tanger and scarlet tanger?

Use Photobucket to post them and they'll be larger.


You can also put multiple pictures in the same post.

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if you click on the image it expands.
if you click on the image it expands.
Doesn't work to good on touch screens. Very pretty pictures though! What size lens were you using?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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