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blue box Federal powershok

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anyone shoot these? do they perform basically like a corlokt? good terminal performance? thinkn about tryn some just to see how they shoot
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I'll shoot those anytime I can get them. Unfortunately, not available in my two current calibers of choice (.260 and .35 Whelen). I think I still have a box or two of 30-06 180 gr that I used to use in an Encore barrel I had. It would shoot a 3-shot group that you could almost cover with a quarter. I never got to shoot any deer with them but every hog I shot with them dropped almost where they stood.

I need to see how they perform in my remaining 30-06 (which has always seemed to like 165gr bullets.

Anyway, back to your original question. I have always had very good accuracy and terminal performance with them. Better accuracy than Remington CoreLocts. Just as good a performance. Lower price tag.
I've found them to be very accurate in any caliber I've tried. The deer hate them, DRT for the most part. In a .300 win mag the .165s are oneholers..
always have been great performing bullets on deer and hogs for me,would use them over any of the high dollar performance bullets.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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