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Boat Ramp Question/Suggestion

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Planning on fishing Horn Island on Sunday. Living in Brandon, I would typically launch at Ocean Springs Harbor. However, since I'm staying with my nephew in Mobile, we'll be coming in on I-10 from the east and figured the Pascagoula area would be a closer choice. Looking at GoogleEarth, I noticed a boat ramp on Beach Blvd. Now my questions:

1. Is this a good place to launch for Horn Island?
2. Is there a bait shop nearby that sells shrimp and/or croakers?

Thanks for any help.
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Best place to launch coming from Mobile is Bayou Casotte. It's on the east end of Ladner Road. From I10 Take Hwy 63 south at Moss Point.
Thanks for the info...found it on Google. I noticed that there was some sort of building that extends over the water on the south side the launch area. Does this happen to be a bait shop? Still needing to find some shrimp and, hopefully, some croakers as well.
I always used Mary Walker marina in Gautier when I was down there, they have bait but I'm not sure what all they have
The bait shop at Bayou Casotte usually has shrimp, not sure about croakers. There is also a ramp under the east side of the Hwy. 90 bridge. It's way nicer than the one @ Bayou Casotte. There is a bait shop on the east side of the river as you heading out from the ramp south. They may or may not have what your looking for, just depends. I usually catch my bait around the rocks at the mouth of east river. Good luck on your trip. PM me if you need any further assistance.
Pascagoula ramp at end of beach blvd (the point)is good and very easy closer route to horn. There is a bait shop right around the corner called The Bait Box. they have what you need. They are located by the old coast guard station. Plus you got round island and homeport in the vicinity to fish
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