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boat recarpeting

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I have a triton tr17 sport bass boat. I have gotten a few tears in it and am tired of repairing them. How hard of a job am i looking at in recarpeting the whole boat. If i decide to let a professional do what kinda money should i expect. Thanks for the help...
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Honestly carpeting isnt that hard. You just need patience. I carpeted my old boat. If you can just tear the csrpet off and use it as templates. I used all contact cement for my boat. Most just use a waterproof glue then use contact cement for the edges. I would just try to replace a small section. Like a hatch door. If you feel comfortable just keep going. If not, you're not really out anything but maybe $20 in materials. I actually enjoyed doing mine.
I recarpeted a Ranger and it wasn't that bad. I bought my carpet on ebay that was 24 oz over run for Bass Cat. Take your time and use the old carpet as a template. I don't know what pros get to install but I would check, as doing it yourself is time consuming.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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