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Boat review from you

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Hey guys.
I've been boatless for two years now and I'm starting to look at my options. I have the wife and three kids: 8,6,and 16mo. I'm looking for somthing dry, comfortable, durable, big enough to cross bays and hit the islands, but small enough to haul easily, high sides for kids, pull tubes, fish, fish, and more fish, easy to clean, pretty much an all around boat. I have been looking at the tracker targa, and at the Lund brand deep-V aluminum boats. These boats are vee'd pretty good, they have comfortable seating, high sides, windshields, and an all around decient layout. The only thing I would do is order one without carpet so I could put a spray in liner. The tracker targa and Lund brand boats come in 18' models or larger. At first look it appears that they may fit my needs though I will have to sacrifice a few things like good looks, and shallow draft. That being considered does anyone know anyone that has owned one if these type boats and used them for inshore fishing??? If so how do they hold up?? How do they handle a chop??

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I have a 1720 key west cc, I can fish 4 anglers who know how to fish comfortable, I have been at cat when the weather got sloppy came in safe and dry in 3 footers, it has a pretty shallow draft as well, I will take it to the marsh or ship on a good day easily, I have a 115 suzuki 4 stroke with 4 adults trimmed out it hit 37 mph the other day, if you would like to take a ride let me know!
Big louie. How well do you think a 90 2stroke would push that 1720. I have been looking around at hulls and have just about decided on the 1720. I think i would just keep the motor that is on my boat now to put on the new one.
The KW 1720 is a very popular bay boat down in SW Fl where I came from. Good reputation. It is commonly sold with a 90. That being said, the 90 is kind of weak if you are toting more than 2 full sized adults. Lots of the experienced fishermen that buy the 1720 pay the upgrade fee to get the 115.
The 1720 is heavy with a deep bow, it would top out around 35 with a 90, I had an old 115 2 stroke on it at first it hit low high 30s with 4 people
I would suggest looking at the Key West as well, or a Triumph. I would also suggest looking into at least a 19ft rig. These two boats have the higher sides, and the extra length would really help in a heavier chop with kids aboard. If you can get into a 22 or 24 ft version, that would be even better. If you shop around, there are plenty of used boats on the market for a much more affordable price than new. A private sale will, generally, save you a little more money vs. the used boat lots.

If you really want a great fishing machine, then Skeeter makes one, the ZX24, which has higher sides than their standard 24, and a drier ride as well. A 24 rides worlds above a 17. I moved up from a 19 to the 24 and it is such a better ride....and I was able to find a slightly used boat for much, much less than new. As for ease of towing, any 1/2-ton pickup will be able to handle a 22 or 24 with no issues at all.
...........my input.
Big louie. How well do you think a 90 2stroke would push that 1720. I have been looking around at hulls and have just about decided on the 1720. I think i would just keep the motor that is on my boat now to put on the new one.
I had a 1720 with a 2 smoke yammie. With my brother and I and a normal fishing load it would top out at 37-38 mph, but there were very few days we could cross the sound going that fast.
Seems like a Boston Whaler Montauk would fit the bill, high sides and rails to keep the kids on deck, draft is shallow enough to skirt grasslines and the hull has enough V to stay dry in any of our bays, or even an island run when the weather is decent. Light enough to trailer with a KIA, and foamed hull makes it pretty much unsinkable or so Boston Whaler claims. Just my 2 cents.
maybe too early to say, but I just bought a 210LX Sea Chaser that I love. 20"-6" with a 140 Suzuki 4 stroke. With 2 adults and 40 +/- gallons of fuel, and gear it tops out about 45 mph. Handles a chop very well, dry ride, and alot of room. I am sure the 175hp would be better if you want speed, but 35 to 38 cruzing is good with me, and she dont burn much fuel (saved several $g's too). Good Luck whatever you decide.
It's larger, but check out the Blazer Bay 2170. Large sides, deep hull, and lots of room.

it probably comes down to your buget. you will get a lot of good reccomendations but these boats mentioned could be $30,000+ apart!
I recently bought a used triumph 170cc knock on wood so far so good. Has a 60 yamy and is a Lil under out of the whole if I would have bought her new definitely would have put the max rated 75. But, and for me a big one its a foam filled polymer hull with a first 5 year transferable lifetime warranty. Its layed out well and we've been out on days where its gotten Lil ruff and the boat feels good and stays reasonably dry. That said I would only take her to the islands on a good day.
If you're looking for a good family and fishing boat, take a look at the Nautic Star 210 coastal/angler. Love mine.
Thanks for all the replies. I would really love to go out and buy a key west CC. However I'm looking for more of a hybrid boat. My wife likes the comfort of a tahoo bow rider type boat. I'm partial to a fishing boat. Then I got the kids that I would like to keep in the boat. The tracker targa and the Lund really seem to fit what I'm looking for at this stage in life. I will look at done if the others that were mentioned. I'm have to assume that no one is using those type boats beacuse no one replied that they did. Seems like they should be decient boats.
I dont operate a boat like you describe but I have fished on one. There is this old saying...."it will do everything but ain't very good at anything."

It has been my experience that a crossover/hybrid type of anything is a compromise at best. I am sure there are some out there that come close to the sweet spot.[wink] Good luck with your search.
I sold my 25' CC last year and brought a Sea Fox 200 XT Pro Series bay boat. I noticed this boat had higher sides then most bay boats when I was comparing them. I have been very pleased with the performance of the boat. The boat rides great in rough water and is very dry for a bay boat. I go to the islands a lot and even had her 25 miles offshore or farther pass islands Snapper and Ling fishing.
I have a 21 ft CC angler with a 150 for sale ! Or I can help you with some boat questions.
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