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cam mounting brackets

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I am looking for a cam mount bracket that I have seen before and used. It uses a quickie quiver mount and screws into the tree. Ive searched but cant find anything. Anyone know what im talking about?
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I built some a while back using one I bolt that was sized to screw in bottom of cam and another with threads for going into wood. Held them together with large bolt threw both eyes of I bolts, steel washers on outside and a rubber washer in middle with wing nut holding them together. Super super cheap and works really well. Would take pic but all mine are out in woods.

Found some pics on my photo bucket

Here is a security box I made too that helps keep my cameras where I like them too for places where others like to wonder across property lines.

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Looks good but I am looking for a little less bulk. These were made from a quickie quiver system I think it was. Was nice and light and I have some long hikes to where I want them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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