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Cat 7/11/14

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Cat 7/12/14

Hit Cat with my dad today. With the tide and full moon we decided to wait to launch until 10. Waded around smugglers and found the schoolies once the tide started falling. Missed a lot of little ones, caught a lot of little ones and ended up with 8 keepers and a red. No rain hit us even though it threatened and ran in around four. Thought about suggesting we move but getting hits and catching fish is fun so we just kept at it.

Should have been a few more but lost them between net and basket. I have been having some pretty bad peeling on my hands after fishing. After looking at where it was taking place finally put it together I have a reaction to fish as it's exactly the part of my hand that touches them while unhooking. Tried a glove out today and seems to have prevented the issue. However, that glove is also why they got away. If it really did prevent it I'll be investing in a good pair with some real grip.
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Decent mess of fish, lots of action. Sounds like a good day.

Get some bogas...hardly even need to touch the fish. Then dont have to have a glove on while working the rod.
That's strange Hoyt....the hand peeling thing. Is this something new? From reading your posts, sounds like you've been fishing for a long time? Hope you can figure out a fix for that, but like mentioned, a boga grip would be a good solution in the meantime.
Now that I think about it, if my hand started peeling everytime I touched fish, I think I would have to see a psychologist! Not sure my psyche could handle that.....lol.
They make thin fingerless gloves for water sports that might be helpful.
I have lip grips and they are ok but just kind of slow. Gloves seem like the best option and I can't use fingerless cause they basically peel anywhere I touch the fish with the palm side of my hand.

I have been fishing for a long time, this just started this year. It isn't painful but it isn't a nice look either. I've read up on others having the same issue and most fished for a very long time and then all of a sudden it started. Seems to be an allergy to something in the slime on the fish. Have another friend with a much more severe reaction which is what got me thinking when this started up.

I won't let a little peeling flesh stop me though!
Decent mess of fish, lots of action. Sounds like a good day.

Get some bogas...hardly even need to touch the fish. Then dont have to have a glove on while working the rod.
What I did yesterday was slip it on after netting. Worked ok but I'm gonna try some mechanix gloves next.
At lowes you can find a thin pair of gloves with a pvc or rubber palm and fingers. They fit tight. I use them offshore and they are fairly good with small parts. No you can't thread a hook but you could change plastics on a jig head. I have a pair on my kayak and boat for handling big fish.
I have a friend of mine same thing happened to also. One year he started getting the reaction so he didn't think nothing of it. Well next year it got so bad that he ate fish and got really sick his wife took him to dr and he became allergic to them. Can't even eat them anymore. So when we go fishing which he loves to do. I have to take fish off for him.
I actually don't eat them often because my wife doesn't like fish usually just let whoever else went have the fillets, but I'll definitely watch it didn't even think about that.

Cleaning them yesterday wore surgical gloves and that worked well but fishing in them wouldn't work.

I might try those gloves your talking about because most I've found are pretty expensive and I only really need one for grabbing them. What I used yesterday was a cheap fish glove that's yellow with the grips and I need better.
I usually just let whoever else went have the fillets
I can make space on my boat for a fella like you [biggrin]

These may work, never tried them.

I've worn gloves similar to these for winter wade fishing and duck hunting.


They give a better grip on fish than bare hands. The down side is they don't breathe so your hands sweat even in below freezing temps. After a month of heavy use they retain a strong odor from the sweat.
I'm definitely going to have to look around to find the best fit. I want breathable but comes at a much higher cost.

That fish grabber is interesting. Wouldn't need a glove if it truly was easy to get on and off and worked.
I use a "Jus-Grab-it" glove. Yes Sir, it is a little pricey at $25. But it comes with a glove, belt, and pliers on a self retracting pull-cord. I do not see why you couldn't drape it across your shoulders bolo-style when wading.
I use it to keep from sliming up the rod handle, or having slimy, slippery fingers when baiting up a clients hook.
The way it is cut, and with the velcro, you can put it on and take it off without using your other hand.
Just a thought....
At Home Depot they have the gorilla grip glove. They're only $5 and I think would be worth a try. They're thin like stockings but have thin rubber pvc on the fingers and palm. I don't think slime would go thru
Definitely a lot of options out there. As I've read into it, it's not that uncommon amoungst fisherman. I like the sound of the jus-grab-it. As a wade fisherman you always need your hands free and gear easy to access because you basically carry everything you'd fish with on a boat on yourself. Actually had thought about a bolo style rod holder to free up the hands as well, could modify that system to fit that also. Looks like I got some shopping to do.

This is why I love the bull. Put out a need and you actually get real help.
I got my Jus-Grab-it at Academy right there in Gulfport.

My buddy was impressed with not having a slimy rod handle and picked himself up one just this past week.

I put it in the washer with old rags and then let it air dry. This keeps the smell at bay.
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