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Cat trip 7-12-14

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A friend and I got to Cat an hour before sunset and got into some HUGE lady fish with a ton of short trout. We found a handful of nice trout right as the sun disappeared past the horizon. We then waded the sand bars looking for flounder. The clarity was insane. At some spots we were hip dip and could see perfectly. We didn't limit on flounder, but we put meet in the freezer. Smallest was 15 and the two largest were 18" and 17". Saw a million stingrays. Caught a dozen ground mullet and a few 14" white trout. It was a great trip with good people. What elese is there?

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All.trout boated were on the 17MR-VPB in 3' of water
We almost heeds out there yesterday evening, wish we would have!
Really nice trip fish. Nice bunch of fish too bud.
I was also slaying lady fish on the 14MR. That tiny bait makes a HUGE difference.
They also like the smaller X-Raps.
Perfect flatties for stuffing. Fun sounding trip.

Which side of the island?
Great report Fish. Love the sunset.
South west chief. I also lost a black and chrome spook and my fricken softdine. [sad]
It destroyed it.
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Man of all the gear I do have, soft dines are one thing I don't have. Later thus week I plan on organizing my tackle once again. I have to do this about three times a year. I got some down time coming and made labels for my boxes. I'm also going to glow paint some jig heads.
3 times a year is my average as well. LOL!

Give me a shout when you are ready to do that impeller!
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