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Catalpa worms on fire in the Ms!

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Me and a buddy were late getting our lines out Friday eve and dark got us and we only had 7 short lines out, 10 to 14 hooks each. I went to bed aggravated at myself for getting so few hooks in the water because we generally run around %20 on fish to hooks out. I was amazed Saturday morning when we took 60 cats off! We rebated about 9 am and ran em again at 330 and we pulled 32. Ran again at 6 and had 13. Those river cats love a fat catalpa worm! No pics but ran about a 3 lb average,nothing big, largest might have been 8 lbs. Ended the weekend with well over 100 lbs of fillets. If you have worms, get out there!
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For sheer numbers catalpas can't be beat in the big river. I've been outta town for a week but now I gotta get back and check my trees.
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