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Chandeleur Trip

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Every year now for the past couple of year me and my dad get a group of friends to rent out one of the Chandeleur boats for a father/son trip. It seems like every year right before our trip there is always a bad report of people not catching a lot trout around Chandeleur. This year was by far the worst that we had heard. With the trip before our's only catching about 30 trout in 2 days, we even had Capt. George call us and ask us if we wanted to cancel because the fishing was so bad at Chandeleur. We decided to go even with the bad reports with an "everyday is different" attitude. I'll tell you what we knocked their lights out! Even though we didn't catch the 350 trout like we did the year before. We still managed to catch 155 of the prettiest trout I have ever seen, most averaging around 2 1/2 pounds. I caught my personal best stringer wade fishing: 13 trout that none were under 22" inches. This is by far the best trip Capt. George and crew on the Joka's Wild have had this year. I don't know if it's that the trout are starting to show back up at Chandeleur or that there moon and tide was just right, or we're just good fishermen (which we are [wink]). Safe to say the trip was a success and we already have our trip booked again for next year.

I would recommend to anyone that likes to fish for speckled trout (if you can afford it) to book a trip with Capt. George on the Joka's Wild or any of the Chandeleur boats (Due South, Beach Water, Southern Bell, Double Trouble) its a **** of a time.


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Those are some great looking stringers right there. Some days just one like those will make it worthwhile. Obviously different when you drop that kind of money on trip but glad to hear things are picking up there. Seems to finally be getting into stride everywhere.

Nothing like some QT with family and friends. Makes the fishing secondary
Awesome catch, congrats on a good trip. Glad to hear it's picking up, the bite is definitely late out there this year.
Congrats on a good trip, nice stringers.

Our group goes twice a year on the jokas, April & October. We have been doing that for the past 4-5 years. We always have a good time, Capt. George, Kirky and Bubba always take good care of us.

The thing I enjoy best about the trip besides catching fish is sitting on the bow of the boat late at night and watching the stars. It is amazing the things you can see that you never get to see if you live anywhere near a city. I am looking forward to our trip in October.
Nice haul. Sure did get a late start this year out there.
Looks like yall had a great trip! Love the pics... make me want to go today!!! My absolute favorite place to wade, beautiful out there.

George is such a first class guy and runs an operation that is second to none! Everyone loves to catch fish but it truely is a bonus when on a trip with the Joka's Wild because everthing else is so awesome.
I saw that picture this morning on the collegiate outdoors page. Nice catch man!
Smoked em.
George is a great guy and can normally put you on the fish. I hope your right they may be showing up but him and Troy ( double trouble) have both told me this is worst year they can remember. The joka wild is one fine boat that's for sure. All of the ones he has had is top of the line. What's so great about them is he builds them himself.
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