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Chicken Litter

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Anybody else use chicken litter on their plots? Been using it for years and had great results, but wondering about its effects on turkeys. We have seemed to have been on a downward trend the past years.

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It is good fertilizer but smells bad for a while. As far as the turkeys it could be a problem if the chickens that had been using the litter had a poultry disease. It could be passed to the turkeys if they were scratching in it soon after it was put out.
We incorporate into the soil soon after spreading to cut down on just that risk, but still got me wondering. I cant afford 13-13-13 anymore at our scale so litter is about my only alt. thanks
I have read the same thing, and I am sure we are using brooder litter. Know of anyway to test?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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