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Chief at Cat 6/27/14

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Launched a little before 0500 this morning from Pass Harbor with a load of croaker and high expectations.

We headed to Cat Island. It started out a little slow, but picked up until we had put 18 on ice. The size started out smallish as well, but picked up with a few hosses in the mix. It turned off for a little while around 0800. Around 9'ish we got right back into them after a short move and filled out our MS 2-man limit.

We only had 1 throwback today. But, TONS of Ladyfish and Sharks.

Group shot of the catch and one of the trout from the first batch this morning.
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Glad to see it pickin up a bit. thanks for the report Shooter!
Very nice haul buddy.
Good catch...I bet your glad to be knocking the rust off. That lower unit took a while huh?[biggrin][wink]

Sent you a reply to your PM Bro. Good Luck!
Awesome. Glad to see you with a nice catch. Keep it up. Blessings
Really good mess there. I'm ready to get back on the water!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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