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crossbows on WMAs?

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admittedly i know very little about the crossbow law except that a permit is no longer needed to hunt with a crossbow during bow season. my question is...are crossbows allowed on WMAs during bow season?

i was going to sign my dad and myself up for a couple draws but he only hunts with a crossbow so i just wanted to get clarification. thanks
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As far as I can tell there is no more difference of any kind in the law between a crossbow and a vertical bow.
Yup, they are allowed:

D. Legal Weapons: Unless otherwise stated in individual WMA regulations, the
following are legal weapons for all WMAs.

Part 4, Chap. 1, Rule 1.3 and Archery Equipment.

2. Archery Equipment: Longbows, recurves, compounds, and crossbows are legal
archery equipment.
Like deerhunt1988 said. Check the individual WMA regs though.
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